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Workflow Management Vancouver

Process Management, Integration and Automation

By automating time consuming everyday tasks, you can save valuable time and money, stay informed and keep your customers and employees happy.

Automating everyday tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll, employee tracking, shipping and customer relationships can save you valuable time and money. It can also help by keeping you informed of your daily profit and expenses, staying ahead of your agenda, and enabling  you to keep both customers and employees happy.

Payroll Processing

Regardless of whether you are paying yourself a salary or have hundreds of employees, payroll processing is a time consuming and laborious task. Hiring an experienced bookkeeper to process payroll can be costly as they often charge a premium for this service. 

Automated payroll processing combined with automated employee monitoring and tracking eliminates the need for creating manual time-sheets, protects your business from employee fraud and ensures that everyone is paid on-time and fairly.


When using an automated shipping process, each time a purchase order is triggered the warehouse is informed, a shipping label is created, a courier is called for pickup, shipping fees are paid and an invoice along with a tracking number is generated and emailed to your client. All of this takes less than a second. Processing these actions manually can take hours, and it can be difficult to manage a high daily turnover. Aside from the time and money that automated shipping saves, your business can increase its sales and improve customer satisfaction through prompt and efficient service.

Customer Relationship Management

Making a sale is just the start of what could potentially be a long-lasting relationship with your customers. A new customer can give you more business, refer new clients, and advertise your company with word of mouth and using social media. For this reason, customer relationships require attention and care. 

Your company needs to resolve problems, respond to product-related questions and concerns and turn sales leads into real orders rapidly. When the details of these relationships are recorded and tracked automatically using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, your hard work becomes a valuable asset. 

Your employees can resolve the same matters and answer previously asked questions more rapidly. Additionally, new employees can familiarize themselves with existing clients easier and quicker by reading client records. Automating client relationships is necessary for managing the high expectations of customers in this day and age.


Automation of all these important but time-consuming tasks can be further enhanced by integrating and cross-connecting them with each other and your bookkeeping software. As a result, your business will have a streamlined and integrated infrastructure including bookkeeping, payroll, employee tracking, shipping and customer relationship management that will enable your business to progress to the next level. 

We and our industry-leading partners have helped many businesses to achieve their goals reliably and cost-effectively. We are confident that we can help you in the same way.

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